Congratulations to the Georges!

Peter and Kathy George were named recipients of the George B. Weaver Footprints Award at the annual Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation Meeting! 

Peter, who serves as the chairman and president for Citizens for a Better Cassadaga and lakes manager for the Cassadaga Lakes Association, and Kathy, who is the treasurer for the Cassadaga Library, were recognized for their philanthropic work and community service in the village of Cassadaga. These values are what the George B. Weaver Footprints Award was made to recognize.

The Georges do so much for our community and we are so happy to see them receive this recognition! 

To read the whole article about their accomplishments please click this link:

And to watch a YouTube video of the community’s recognition of the Georges’ hard work and dedication to the community please click this link: 

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